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Benefit from excellent value for money, expert advice and a whole host of services. We don’t just look after you when you are ill – we help to make sure you don’t reach that point in the first place.

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Our Fitcash programme rewards preventive action and care with up to 180,00 euro per year. For example, we reward preventive dental care, lots of different sports activities and participation in health courses, such as back exercises.

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Each calendar year, children and adults can receive a subsidy of up to 40,00 euro to use for professional teeth cleaning at a dentist of your choice with statutory health insurance accreditation (“Kassenzulassung”).

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You will receive a subsidy for up to two health courses per year, provided that the courses have been certified by the Zentrale Prüfstelle für Prävention (German Central Testing Centre for Prevention). The subsidy covers up to 80% of the course costs incurred, up to a maximum of 70,00 euro. There are over 100,000 certified courses available across Germany, for example at adult education centres.

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The TeleClinic offers online doctor appointments, including with specialists, at short notice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – free for mhplus policy holders.

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You and your baby deserve it: Helping you both get off to the best-possible start. That’s what the BabyPlus package is for. Secure yourself an extra 560,00 euro.

Potzblitz bonus programme for children

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Our Potzblitz bonus programme for children rewards health-promoting measures like membership of a sports club, vaccinations or visits to the dentist. Children up to 14 years of age who are insured with mhplus can participate, with the potential to receive rewards worth up to 140,00 euro.

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We grant a subsidy of up to 150,00 euro for additional orthodontic treatments for young people.

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The costs of our online courses are fully covered. You can take advantage of a fantastic range of courses, from yoga to sustainable nutrition. The course costs are covered provided that no more than one health course (either online or in person) has already been claimed.

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Submit a sickness notification or invoice quickly and easily. The app also helps you with other services, like searching for doctors near you, the latest pollen forecast and much more.

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Discover three motivating challenges where every step counts. A bonus of up to 50,00 euro is available.

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Become an mhplus member SO EASY

Become an mhplus member

  1. Complete the membership application. That’s it!
  2. We will take care of the switch for you and handle the cancellation of your policy with your previous provider.

We have pulled together all the other key information you need to know.

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FAQ about switching health insurance providers IMPORTANT QUESTIONS FOR AN IMPORTANT DECISION

Enjoy the comprehensive protection of one of the best statutory health insurance providers.

You can switch to mhplus immediately:

  • Change in insurance relationship, for example if you change employers
  • Start of employment, including first-ever job
  • Start of training, including first-ever job
  • End of family insurance, for example in the event of divorce or taking on your own employment
  • Starting a course of studies, including first-ever studies
  • Becoming self-employed, including first-ever employment

Do none of the above apply? You can still switch to mhplus if you have been with your current health insurance provider for at least 12 months. The switch will be made with a notice period of two months to the end of the relevant calendar month. There’s no need for you to cancel your current policy!

Simply submit your membership application online and on time:

  • for an immediate change of health insurance provider, within 14 days following one of the described events
  • if your insurance relationship has not changed, as soon as possible

Membership application

Or you can print out the membership application and send the completed form by post to:
mhplus Betriebskrankenkasse
Franckstraße 8
71636 Ludwigsburg

Membership application

It is best to inform your notifying body straight away. This may be:

  • your employer,
  • the employment agency or
  • the university

The information sheet is included in the membership application.

As of 2021, it is no longer necessary to submit a certificate of membership.

You also no longer need to cancel your policy with your previous provider. mhplus will notify your previous provider of the switch.

From 01/01/2021, you only need to cancel your previous policy

  • if you wish to leave a statutory insurance policy or
  • if you wish to cancel a voluntary insurance policy in favour of family insurance

From 01/01/2021, you are only bound to a health insurance provider as a member for 12 months rather than 18 months. After this period, you can easily switch to a different provider whenever you want. This new provider will then handle everything for you.

You can choose a new provider before the end of the commitment period if

  • a provider charges an additional premium for the first time or increases the provider-specific additional premium rate
  • one of the aforementioned events occurs 

Please contact your responsible customer adviser. It may be that a longer commitment period applies in this case.

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With mhplus, you have a modern, open-minded and service-oriented health insurance provider on your side. We are always here for you and treat you like the individual you are – that you can rely on. Want to know more?

Give us a call, as we want to make sure that you are well looked after.

Your direct line to mhplus

+49 (0)7141 9790-0
or via use the contact form.

Our awards

We are not the only once who think we are great at what we do - tests show that mhplus performs extremely well in many areas.

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